Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Opening Goose Day a Bust

Went out yesterday morning to one of the new blinds. Had one of those "Go Figure" days. Got setup and waiting before the first glimmer of morning sun even touched the horizon. It was so warm i decided to leave the waders in the closet and opted for board shorts, flip flops and a camo tee. As the sun started to creep up and I annouced it was legal shooting time, 3 mallards passed 20 yards, perfect side on shot right in fron of the blind and kept on cruising. FIRST "Go Figure" moment.

About 7:30am we started hearing some honking and noticed we had about 65 geese sitting on the beach across the cove from us about 400 yards away. We watched them get up and fly in 3 differnet flocks of 15 to 25 over the chainlink fence behind them and into a local powerplant. never coming close at all. (Go Figure)

Decided to pack up by 8:15am as most geese have flown by that point. Snapped a pic of the spread and picked up for the morning.

Afternoon, we went to the beach the birds left from and setup just knowing they would return. They did just that........ 2 minutes after legal shooting time. (Go Figure!!! #3) We got out to pick up the few decoys we had put out and we had geese trying to land on top of us the whole time.