Monday, September 30, 2013

Best Hunting and Fishing Face Mask/Neck cover .... THE HOO-RAG!


I had misplaced my hunting face mask from last year so i decided to get online and find a replacement. To my pleasure I stumbled across something called a Hoo-Rag. At first i was uncertain of even what exactly it was but after looking at their site I was an instant fan! The Hoo-Rag is a micro-fiber material that provides warmth in the colder months and is breathable and cool in the summer. It is the PERFECT FACEMASK FOR DUCK HUNTING. As everyone who hunts waterfowl and turkeys knows, an uncovered face can ruin a great hunt. THey also are great for long days on the water to protect you from sunburn and biting flies from the
neck up.
After perusing their huge selection of colors and patterns I decided on the Woodland Digital Camo pattern as it blends great in marsh and woodlands making it a win-win in most hunting scenarios. My favoirte feature is the functionality of this thing as it can be worn over 8 different ways. I usually sport it as a face mask or balaclava when hunting. For fishing it makes a great neck guard.

The best part is, they are inexpensive at $15.00 a piece and the do niot charge for shipping. I have already used mine a dozen times and just as a mosquito guard in the early season around here, it has earned its keep. Take a minute to check out all the different sytles they offer and i guarantee you will find one you like. They even offer custom branding and printing with YOUR COMPANY'S LOGO! I have provided a link on the home page straight to their site.