Jon Boat Rebuild

I bought my 16ft tinboat a couple years ago with a 30 mercury and a trailer for 1600. bought it for duck hunting and flats fishing on the chesapeake bay. Floor was starting to get soft and boat was feeling a little flimsy so pulled out the middle wood seat and the floor and found quite a few cracks in the stringers. SOOOOO... looks like i am going to tear this bad boy down and rebuild it. First off not sure of make and model. any guesses? First off i am going to remove filth and all accesories, then ladder brace the floor and reinforce sides a bit. adding a bunch of custom mods and steelflexing the hull inside and out..

I hear PT wood is a big no no so my question is if i take regular plywood, prime it, then bedliner it, will it last?

Also any ill wanted side effects if i brace the floor with 1.5x2 inch aluminum tubing from rib to rib to tighten everything up?

Would also like to add float pods but afraid boat being so old that welding on transom could produce holes. Already some pitting showing. My main objective is to get this thing back to a 10 and to where it will last for many more years.

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