Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thought I'd Share a Blog

I don't generally go out of my way to promote products or other blogs unless I think it is really great and relates to something I am passionate about. Well a couple evenings ago I was sitting around trying my best to find something of quality on TV to no avail. I decided i would turn to the web for some knowledge instead and stumbled upon

It is a blog by J.D. Arp that has some great information regarding hunting and fishing. Some of the recent topics include Tips for being a better squirrel hunter, how to read deer sign, and fishing muddy waters on freshwater; all of which are very things to know. All great reads full of great tips but the other thing I noticed and REALLY LIKED was his passion to get our youth involved in these dying american traditions. This is important to me because I too feel like more people need to get their children away from the video games and out in nature more often.

The other feature I dig on his site is the ability for anyone even guest to post up articles and fishing/hunting posts. I hadn't seen that on a blog before but thinks its a cool concept
 and even submitted one just yesterday. I have put a link on my page under the fishing favorites so if you want to learn something new, take a second and give it a look.