Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hog Island hunt Wednesday

4 of my closest friends and myself all took off yesterday from work for our yearly hunt at Hog Island Refuge in Surry, VA. It is one of the very few days of the year that the facility is open to first come/first serve hunting. All other hunts are done by a strict VA Quota Hunt lottery system where hunters enter for $7.00 in hopes of being drawn.


 Upon arrival you will see why it is such a desired hunt looking like a scene straight from some Telvised hunting show. The whole place is managed specifically for waterfowl with beautiful flooded impoundments and acres of corn fields. After a 4:45AM arrival, security check at the gate, and safety briefing, me and my party were off to the spot we picked to hunt. We got set up just in time and enjoyed the show that ensued. There must have been at least 1000 geese roosting overnight there and ducks by the 10s and 20s zig zagging acroos the sky. Todays hunt was only for Teal and Geese. We scratched out the only two geese that came close enough to take an ethical shot. Mission succsessful!

The Decoy Spread

 Left Flank
Me in the middle, sporting the Hoo-Rag!
Right Flank

By 8:30AM the action tamed down and few birds were flying. We decided it was time to call it so I pitched the idea of dove and or squirrel shooting another one of Virginia's Wildlife Management Areas(WMAs) call Chickahominy WMA as it was a Wednesday and probably free of the weekend hunting madness. We loaded up, checked out at Hog Island and proceeded down the road stopping at Bacon's Castle Market for a much needed and very delicious breakfast sandwich. After the quick stop the crew headed to the Surry/Jamestown Ferry to make our way acroos the James River the scenic and most direct way possible.

When finally arriving at Chickahominy WMA we found that the field was in use by a gentleman and his wife training a pack of bird dogs so we opted for squirrel hunting even though the fields of corn had been cut and looking like dove heaven.

 It was a good call. We all ended up spotting some squirrels with Dylan and myself making a few choice shots. We called it a day at 2pm and headed home to clean the game. Great day off work with some of the funniest people I know just laughing and having a good time. Can't wait for Jackson to be old enough to join in!