Thursday, October 3, 2013

HOW - TO: Crab Pot Buoy Decoys

I saw the idea of making decoys out of crab pot buoys a while back so while out scouting the marsh I decided to start collecting the the ones I found out in the marsh. I have been wanting to do some sea duck hunting but DID NOT want to spend 80.00 per six pack for 3 dozen Scoter and Old Squaw decoys.

Well I have about a dozen saved up now and with seas duck season right around the corner I thought it would be time to begin the project. I chose to make scoters because that was I needed but i plan on making some of every species and selling them as decoration or functional use as an actual decoy.

Over the next couple months I plan on making a pile of these things so if you or anyone you know would like to purchase any let me know. I will be selling singles for $15, mating pairs for $25, and 6 for $60.00. If you have a species you prefer I can custom a set too so just shoot me an email or message online.


Step One: Cut the buoy in two evenly down the middle.

Step two: Cut out decoy heads from whichever kind of wood you would like. Cedar works well as it does not rot. Do not use laminated type wood or it will separate when wet.

Step Three: Trace a spot on buoy using the head as a template. Cut out that area to make a spot for head to fit into buoy.

Step Four: Glue heads to buoys and let cure overnight
Step Five: Paint them to your likings and you are done. For show leave without a keel and for actual hunting add a keel.