Monday, August 12, 2013

zombie apocalypse Duck Blind

Had access to alot of free bamboo so decided to try and make a duck blind completely out of 550 paracord and bamboo.We originally built the structure in my yard and were going to put it on the boat and drive it out to our spot and drop it in place. Sounded like a great plan... lol. well after building the entire thing, we relized it was NOT going to be transportable from my house to where we wanted to put it. We dismantled the whole project, loaded the bamboo into the jon boat with the materials, and took off for our blind location.

 We started off by setting our 4 corners. We did this by driving the bamboo by hand with a 2x4 and a maul. Once these were set we lashed our horizontal bracing to the corners with paracord. We then added additional supports.

The whole thing took about 2 1/2 hours to buld so far and is by far one of the strongest feeling blinds I have made in my opinion. Now we just need to get some chicken wire to wrap the walls and attach some brush and the boat hide duck blind will be complete. Should be ready to blast out of the first day of resident goose season. This blind is a replacement to one we had built last year only to have superstorm Sandy take it out. This one is hurricane worthy in my opinion but we will have to see.