Monday, August 5, 2013

Change of Plans 8/4/13

Left Eastern Shore early Sunday morning due to forecasted wind that would not be fun in a 16ft jon boat. Our alternate course of action was to beat feet and try to get home, unpacked and on the water before the 9:24AM high tide on the warwick river. After having to jump a dead truck battery and getting packed up and grabbing some Hardee's biscuits we set course for home. Got to the house, set the minnow trap and unloaded what we didnt need, hopped back in the truck and took off for the Denbigh boat ramp. We tried a couple places that were hot a week ago and it was COLD COLD COLD. Managed to catch a couple puppy drum but only one was a keeper. They just were not in same area so we made a little bit of a run to what was to be our last spot to "try" on the way back to the ramp and we hit pay dirt! Right off the get go we doubled up on two throw backs but i knew it was a good sign.

 For the next 2 hours we fished a one acre spot and caught over 50 puppy drum and a pile of good 1 to 1 1/2 lb. croakers. I even caught one tagged puppy drum in the process. With a stringer full of fish we headed back to the ramp to pull the boat and clean up from camping.