Monday, July 8, 2013

Saturday Fishin' Mission

Saturday was the make-up day for the flounder tournament but with not too many flat fish making an appearance we decided to go after more spades and see what we could make happen. Arrived at York Spit Light at about 6:30am to try and beat the rest of the boats out.. IT WORKED! After resetting the anchor a handful of times, we finally got set up with the stern of the boat perfectly facing the lighthouse platform and got the bag of clam chum tied on the back of the boat. Unfortunately I managed to get the mesh clam bag mixed up with the prop in the process. bag shredded and all the fish attractant gone, we started to fish. Not 15 minutes later we already all had caught some spades and they were swimming circles just off the back of the boat.  other boats started showing up and eveyone had a good old time.

 After catching over 50 spades and running out of clam we decided to go looking for cobia as the sun was up, not a cloud in the sky, and it was looking fishy. Proceeded to cover alot of ground from york River channel to the concrete ships off Eastern Shore. on our way back home i spotted a NICE 50+ lb cobia  and pitched it a live eel. He immediately wolfed it down and it was game on. I handed the rod down to Ashley and she got him all the way to the side of the boat but in the hectic moment she had gotten the line around a rod holder and it broke off. Saw 10 cobia all day from 24 inches to some larger fish around 50 inches. Got to see alot of sea turtles and stingrays as well. Lost a nice fish but still had a great day on the water with some friends.