Sunday, July 21, 2013

Goodwin island and Warwick river fishing report

Woke up Saturday morning at 5am, loaded up the bucket with a couple dozen bull minnows and headed for sheltered waters on the leeward side of Goodwin island. With a incoming full moon tide I slipped in close to shore and got the anchor set, grabbed the biggest minnow I could and cast a popping cork about 5 feet from the grassy marsh island. I put the rod in the rod holder, picked up another one and before I could get it rigged up I heard that tell tale sign of FISH ON! Ziiiiinnnnngggg! I tightened down the drag and battled in a respectable 23.5 inch puppy Drum. Got him in the boat ,  got both rods out and noting for the next 30 minutes. Me being ADD, I started getting antsy so pulled anchored and trolled the flats blind casting hoping to pick up a speckled trout. Wel no love from the specks but did manage one more drum and raced back to the house for baby duty at 9:30am.

Last night after catching all these pups,  my girlfriend was really itching to get on the water and enjoy  some pullage so like a good boyfriend i obliged. I got up this morning at 8 am got the boat together, got baby Jackson fed and ready for a brief stay at grandmas house, dropped him off on the way and headed for the Warwick river to hopefully fulfill my end of the deal and push Ashley on some fish. Had a good day out with us catching two nice keepers, both on live minnows, along with a dozen other throw backs. White perch were thick in the same spot as well so keeping a minnow on the hook proved challenging. 2 to 3 dozen minnows later we called it quits and headed on back. Good little 2 hour fishing mission. When cleaning fish I always check their stomach to see what they are feeding on. Well I found a surprise in Ashley's keeper today........ A 5 inch paddle tail artificial minnow. It looked to be very recent, so much in fact that I kept it to reuse on a nice rockfish it his fall. Baited the crab pots on the dock with the scraps and will return tomorrow and hopefully have yet another meal thanks to the puppy drums. Now that is what I call recycling!