Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Monday madness

Took the day off work a couple months ago and waited and watched hoping the weather would turn out nice for the day as you never can tell a month in advance. Well my prayers were answered with 0-5 MPH winds and the entire bay was a glassy lake. Everybody arrived in the morning on time and we headed to wawa for gas and snacks then then straight to messick ramp.  Everything was going smoothly and we were all excited for the beautiful day when KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.... motor started making a racket less than a mile from the ramp. NO GOOD!so we stopped let it cool, performed some on the water diagnosis of the issue and narrowed it down to oil injection. Thank goodness we were not too far from the ramp. Got back to the dock corrected the original problem but somehow the boat was stuck in limp mode. Determined to catch and not burn a vacation on nothing, we set out at 3000rpms all day which is roughly 11 miles an hour. After the sun began to get up in the sky, water visability increased greatly and we started to see cobia waking on the surface. Glare made them a little difficult to spot but there was no mistaking the ripples that their fin left as they cruised on the surface. Had a few pull the hook and then finally got a 40 incher to eat an eel which i promptly handed to Kegan's dad since he had never caught one before. The smile on his face did not subside for the rest of the day. Shortly later i spotted a NICE fish and pitches the live eel about 3 ft in fron of him. He did not hesitate to nail it and instantly turn and run at break neck speed. everytime he got near the boat he made another run. 20 minutes later Dave landed a well placed gaff in the slob and in the boat he came. 52 inches and who knows how many pounds. Saw alot of fish today out of the tower including a couple schools of spadefish that were easily 500 to 1000 fish thick. Great day minus the extremely long ride back to the ramp.