Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Did somebody say crabcakes?

Saturday after catching a bunch of spadefish with my friends, i headed over to my parent's to use their dockside cleaning station since my girlfriend gives me a REALLY hard time everytime i throw a bunch of fish guts in our trashcan.  while filleting I decided to take the leftover carcasses, throw them in the crabpot, leave it over night, and see how many i could come up with the next day. After returning from our fishing trip on Sunday, i ran over and checked it and found 9 decent sized crabs awaiting me so i threw them in a bucket, brought them home and steamed them up Sunday night.

Yesterday evening after work I sat down, picked all the meat, and used it to make the best crabcakes in the world. Its alot of picking to have enough meat to make a batch of cakes and the self control required not to eat it as you go is almost too much to resist. I did make it through the process and it made for a great dinner when accompanied with steamed broccoli and roasted potatoes. My oh so delicious crabcake recipe is to be added to the Recipes of the bay section of this blog, as soon as time premits.