Saturday, July 13, 2013

A whole litter of puppies

My friend, Buddy, asked me to go fishing with him on the Warwick river today so after checking the radar a hand full of times I decided to meet him at the denbigh ramp at 145pm. Fished out of his 15 ft weldbult jon boat. This was our first time targeting puppy Drum on this river so we did some quick research on navionics and took off  from the ramp and headed to the first spot we decided on. Got there and almost right off the get go I hooked up on a nice puppy drum. Got him to the boat and he was 20 inches and in the box he went. Managed one more fish and decided to make a move to another spot we had seen on the map. So off we went. Short but bumpy ride later we got over to where we wanted try. As soon as the gulp hit the water ,BAM!

He started out swimming my way and all the sudden he exploded in a fiery run. Fought him back to the boat watching golden flashes in the water every time he turned. What pretty fish the red drum is... We preceded to sit on this one piece of structure and pull at least 20 more nice sized drum off it and left when we got a two man limit of six fish.