Friday, February 21, 2014


So this lure making stuff is addictive. With parts not running a whole lot considering you get them in lots of 100,  I have started expanding here and there. This week I starting making my own classic style DucknBuck Classic Spinnerbaits, Saltwater Spinners, and Spinning Jigs. These are much heavier weight wire, larger blades, and stouter hooks. The jig heads are 1/4oz weight and tipped with a 3/0 sickle hook that really locks on a fish, and the wide gap hooks on the spinners are 3/0. All of this equals up to one heck of a fish catching piece of hardware! They are going to tear up the specks, redfish, striped bass, largemouth, and probably Pike as well.

Check'em out and if you like them, I have some for sale on EBAY or on Etsy. You can click on either of these to go directly to my listings.

DucknBuck Saltwater Spinner

DucknBuck Classic Saltwater Spinnerbait

DucknBuck Saltwater Spinning Jig