Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lure making 101 - The Birth of the Duck n Buck Spinnerfly

With freshwater trout season quickly approaching I decided to forego spending an arm and a leg on inline spinnerbaits or other style trout lures and start making my own. In anticipation for doing this, I saved feathers from the waterfowl I harvested through duck season and also  fur scraps from some of the other animals I had harvested as well. This saved me a TON of money not having to buy this stuff and the colors mother nature provided are quite beautiful.

Next was getting the components ordered up to actual assemble them. I received a fly tying set for christmas from my girlfriend's family so that was off the list, so all the was left was a few odds and ends.... you know hooks, beads, wire, wire bender, treble trailers, spinnerblades, clevises, round nose pliers.....WAY MORE THAN I REALIZED!

I took up fly fishing a little bit this year so I wanted to make some regular flies but what I really love is Ultra Light Tackle fishing for mountain trout so that is where the wire came in.  With standard inline spinnerbaits I was missing alot of fish due to lure weight so I found that if I instead use a spinner/fly hybrid and go with a weight clamped on my line instead, I hooked alot more fish.

 I am demoing different sized blades to get the perfect lure as well as multiple spinners on a couple too. Here are a few of the finished products. I call them "Duck n Buck Spinner Flies"

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Various Spinnerflies

To me it resembled a Dragonfly
Made with a little possum fur and teal, hoodie, and turkey feathers

Five Pack of Unique Spinnerflies

Personal Favorite So Far