Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Decoy carving and Painting - First Species : Hooded Mergansers

I just started doing some decoy carving this year. Currently I am finishing up putting the final touches on some hooded mergansers I have been carving and painting over the last couple weeks to put up for sale on my Etsy store. Its a lot of work but I find it relaxing and a way to make a couple extra bucks. Plus it is a dying art that I want to master and pass down to my boy, Jackson.

Regardless whether he picks up the carving blade or not he is going to be one lucky boy because for every species I carve I have been saving one or two just for him. His are special though... they are not just show pieces... they are hollowed.... they have keels... they are balanced to handle the local waters, they are true gunning decoys ready for action when their day comes. One day that day will come and boy I can't wait.....

Stay tuned for my next carving project... a 6 pack of Greenwing teal!

If you are interested in purchasing a carved decoy of your own, please visit my etsy store at: