Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday Bucket Mouths

Got up early Sunday and spent the morning with family celebrating Easter. After cooking a huge breakfast at the parent's house we came back hoe so Jackson could get a nap soon as he was down, my other half decided she would try and sneak a nap in too so I took the opportunity to slip down the street to a local pond and try for a few quick largemouths.  I have been pouring some soft plastic baits and i wanted to make sure they actually caught fish before I started selling them so I grabbed three worms and headed out the door. The pond I was at was an old sand pit so the water was crystal clear. As soon as I walked up I spotted 3 fish mulling around 2 on beds. I quickly rigged up a High- Sea Blue colored wrinkle worm, pitched it just a little past one of the fish. It didn't even touch the bottom before a little one pounder came buzzing along and inhaled it. FISH ON!

After that little guy, hooked another one about 2 lbs on the next throw. Being clear water they all have some very beautiful marking on them opposed to the pale fish you see from stained, murky waters. I was getting ready to leave and I happen to see a pretty fish slink out from under an over hanging bush and go back inside it again. I knew this fish had to be bedding. I flipped my lure right outside the opening to where he just disappeared and watched as it sank. I could see the fish clear as day at this point just giving it the stare down. nothing.... I plucked the line like a guitar a couple times to keep the worm in place but make him wiggle a bit. It worked, this big guy sucked it in and headed for the bushes. I waas able to turn him around and get him landed. for reference I found a beer can to lay next to him..... so no in case you are wondering..... not my Natty!