Fishfinder Rig

A fishfinder rig is a great rig for catching almost any large fish roaming the bay. It works by using a heavy weight on a slide that allows the fish to take your bait and swim without feeling the weight or any resistance until you decide to set the hook. They work extremely well when chumming for cobia or fishing for bull red drum and black drum. I also use them when fishing for monster Blue catfish on the James River. They are very easy to make yourself.

  1. Thread your mainline through a sinker slide of your choice.
  2. Add a bead or two on your main line for a back stop
  3. Next, tie a swivel to your main line
  4. Attach a 18 to 3 ft leader to the swivel.
  5. Attach hook to leader. (Circle or J but I prefer circles for all of my fishfinder rigs.)
  6. Add a weight to sinker slide once you get to your fishing location
I like that the weight is removable while underway so that it is not flopping around the whole time you are driving. It also allows you to change weight depending on conditions without having to re-tie.