Carolina Rig

This is a carolina rig. It is lethal for many situations. Depending on what species you are fishing for and water depth, you can adjust this rig for almost any species. I have used it to catch Flounder, Trout, Drum, and even Largemouth Bass.  Tying one is very simple.

  1. Slide egg weight of your choice on your main line.
  2. Add a bead to your main line to act as a bump stop for your weight.
  3. tie a barrel swivel onto main line.
  4. attach Leader of your choice to the barrel swivel.
  5. Add a hook of your liking to end of rig.
  6. Catch fish!

The reason a Caroina rig is deadly is the motion it provides. After you cast let it settle on the bottom. Then work it back by picking up the rod tip 2 or 3 ft and let it settle on bottom again while you reel in just the slack. This makes the weight come up a few feet off the bottom, travel a few feet, and settle back down causing the bait to follow its lead. Vary your hops until you find what works for you at your spot. It can prove to be deadly in the right conditions.

  • For deep Flounder use a bigger weight and longer leader, say a 3 or 4 oz weight and a 18in. leader with a 3/0 or 4/0 kahkle hook.

  • For flats fishing like puppy drum and trout try a J hook on a 12 inch leader and a 1 oz weight.

  • If using bigger weights, your main line should be thick enough to not break from the weight sliding up and down

  • Check your sinker prior to putting it on for rough spots or burrs that will fray your main line.